Roan can offer you a lot of nature experiences. Here you will find a rich wildlife, and there are good possibilities that you will see porpoises and bearded seals while you are at sea. And if you are lucky, you may even spot a whale! The sea otters run around on the rocks by the shore, sometimes being curious about the hikers. While walking or driving you may spot moose, deer, foxes and hares. Many birds have their nestling place on the islets, and the white-tailed eagle soars majestically over it all. 

The fishing opportunities are many, both at seas, the rocks by the shore and in the mountain lakes by the camping. You can hire a boar and go out fishing for cod, Pollock and halibut, or catch a mackerel for shore. In the mountain lakes you can catch a big trout. 

The ground owners can give you tips about the best and most beautiful places to hike, and you will find many trails that are marked. On a day with nice weather you will see Halten out in the horizon. In the forest you will find a wide selection of berries and mushrooms, and if you are visiting in the right time of year, you can bring home a full pail of cloudberries. 

The steep mountainsides around the fjords are suitable for rock climbing, ice climbing and base-jumping. 

The area is also popular among kayakers. Let the paddle break through the reflection of the sunset, while you glide silently over the clear sea.